What is Cytopoint?

A happy dog sitting among purple flowers in a sunny field

All dogs love a good scratch. However, when that scratching is triggered by an underlying, persistent and unbearable itch that just won’t go away no matter how much they claw at their skin, the consequences can be much more severe. This type of severe itch is normally caused by allergies, which can affect dogs just as much as they can humans.

There are lots of different types of allergies that can affect our dogs, with environmental triggers, food sensitivities, and contact allergies being some of the most common. Cytopoint is a highly effective new treatment that can control the frustrating itching experienced by dogs with allergies.

What is Cytopoint?

Cytopoint is a biological therapy, which means that it works like your dog’s natural immune system. The antibodies present in Cytopoint are designed to target and neutralize one of the main proteins in your dog’s body that causes the unbearable itching, causing them to scratch less. As a result, their skin has a chance to heal, reducing the risk of complications that can arise from extreme scratching, such as skin infections.

Since dogs don’t outgrow allergies, owners must find effective treatments that can help to keep their pet comfortable and ensure that can enjoy the best quality of life possible. Cytopoint can provide that relief.

How is Cytopoint Administered?

Cytopoint is a small, painless injection that is delivered under the skin in the same way as a vaccination. Your dog shouldn’t feel any real discomfort and the process takes just a few seconds.

How Quickly Does Cytopoint Start Working and How Long Does it Last?

Most dogs will start to experience a significant reduction in their itchiness within 48 hours of their Cytopoint injection. The effects usually last for between 4 and 8 weeks, before further treatment is required.

What are the Benefits of Cytopoint?

Cytopoint offers dogs and their human families a range of different benefits:

  • Significant relief from the physical discomfort caused by extreme itchiness
  • Less frustrating and stress for your dog
  • Healthier skin, avoiding the damage caused by scratching
  • Better quality of sleep for your dog, and for human family members who may be kept awake by the noise of scratching
  • A healthier, happier dog. Studies show that as many as 87% of owners feel that their dog has a better quality of life after having Cytopoint injections
  • A treatment that is safe to be used in combination with many other treatments and therapies
  • Cytopoint is suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Cytopoint injections are administered by your vet, giving you peace of mind that your dog has received the appropriate dosage and will obtain optimal relief

Learn more about Cytopoint & how it can provide relief for your itchy dog, contact Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital in Carmel, IN at 317-428-2530.