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We know you want the best care for your pet. That’s why Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital is proud to provide gentle medical care for your special pets. Our medical treatments are effective and completely safe, keeping your pet living its happiest life. 

Our veterinary staff has the skill and experience to effectively treat a variety of animals, breeds, and conditions. We can even provide continuous care for your pet if necessary. Learn more about our practice and advanced veterinary solutions in Carmel, IN.

Preventative Pet Medical Services

Just like humans, your pets benefit from regular preventative health check-ups. Our experienced veterinarians work hard to provide services that give your pets happy and comfortable lives at any age. Protect your animal friends’ health at Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital.

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Pet Dentistry

Animals’ teeth can be susceptible to similar wear and decay to humans without regular dental cleanings. Thankfully, our team of veterinarians is experienced with animal dental care and can identify possible underlying problems. We’ll work to quickly treat and correct any oral hygiene problems, helping your pet live a healthier life without dental pain.

Emergency & Urgent Pet Care

At Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital, your pets’ well-being is our utmost priority. That’s why we provide several types of emergency care every hour, every day. These include:

If you’re experiencing a pet emergency, don’t hesitate to call our Carmel office at 317-428-2530 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Gorgeous Grooming

Our grooming specialists have experience with furry friends of all kinds. We pride ourselves in grooming your pets gently, so they won’t be afraid to come back to our office. Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital’s grooming services make your pet comfortable year-round with high-quality equipment and a staff that cares.

Comfortable Boarding

We know it’s hard to leave your best buddy behind on vacations or business trips. At our Carmel animal hospital, we ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. We’ll do everything we can to get to know your animal and what comforts them while you’re gone, so you can rest assured that your pet is happy.

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Get Quality Pet Care at Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital

Our Carmel, IN veterinarians work hard to give every pet the best possible care. We proudly treat a variety of animals, so all of your furry friends are protected. 

From preventative treatments and pet dentistry to emergency care, you can count on us to keep your pets healthy and happy. We offer grooming services to keep them fresh year-round, while boarding keeps them safe and comfortable while you’re away. Schedule an appointment today at our Carmel, IN animal hospital by calling 317-428-2530.

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