How Cytopoint® is making a difference for dogs with dermatitis

A man petting a white dog in a sunny field

If you have ever suffered from a bout of dermatitis, you’ll know just how irritating and uncomfortable it can make you. Unfortunately, dermatitis isn’t purely a human condition. In fact, it is one of the most common skin problems affecting dogs and is one of the main reasons why owners bring their four-legged friends in to see our veterinary team.

What is Doggy Dermatitis?

Canine dermatitis, also sometimes known as canine atopy, is an extremely itchy skin disease that nearly always occurs because of their body responding to an allergy. Allergies are also just as common in dogs as they are humans and occur when their body considers a harmless substance to be a hostile invader. This causes their immune system to go into overdrive to protect it. One of the effects of this is the production of histamines, a chemical that is produced during an allergic reaction. Histamines drive the inflammatory immune response, which can cause a range of symptoms, including the itchy rashes that characterize dermatitis.

Symptoms of Doggy Dermatitis

Your dog may be suffering from dermatitis if they exhibit any of the following signs or behaviors:

  • Hair loss
  • Dry, scaly, or red skin rashes
  • Dark, thickened patches of skin
  • Excessive grooming
  • Scooting along the floor on their bottom
  • Rubbing their body against furniture or flooring to help alleviate the itch
  • Skin infections
  • Ear infections

One of the biggest indicators of dermatitis in dogs is a persistent and unbearable itch that your furry friend may seem unable to get rid of. This itching may be so bad that it causes them to become frustrated or irritated, and it may keep them, and you, awake at night.

Treating Dermatitis with Cytopoint®

Diagnosing dermatitis is usually relatively simple and straightforward and once diagnosed, your vet will be happy to talk to you about different treatments that can help. One of the treatments that are transforming the way that dermatitis in dogs is addressed is Cytopoint®.

Cytopoint® is a breakthrough treatment that can deal with one of the most disruptive and frustrating effects of dermatitis – itching. Itching may not seem like a serious problem, but it can severely affect your pet’s quality of life. Persistent itching can also cause open wounds to develop that can become infected, which is a complication that owners and vets would like to avoid. Fortunately, Cytopoint® can start to reduce the itchiness within just 48 hours of treatment, enabling your dog to leave their skin alone to heal naturally.

Cytopoint® works by blocking the impulses that are telling them to itch. Treatment is administered by injection which is carried out by your veterinarian during a short, simple appointment. The effects of Cytopoint® can last up to two months too, giving your dog prolonged relief while you also aim to treat the cause of their dermatitis.

To learn more about how Cytopoint® is providing relief from dermatitis for dogs, contact Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital in Carmel, IN at (317) 428-2530.