Dietary Counseling for Pets in Carmel, IN

As loving and responsible pet owner, you want to ensure that your beloved animal lives a long, healthy, active and fulfilling life. One of the best ways to support this dream is to ensure that your pet receives the right nutrition at every stage of her life.

Why will my pet’s nutritional requirements change over time?

Pets are a lot like humans when it comes to their food. When they are young, they need certain nutrients to help them grow and develop properly so that they become healthy adults. As adults, they may develop allergies that necessitate dietary changes or begin to have health changes that would benefit from a special nutritional plan – for example, pregnancy. And, once they reach their senior years and their body begins to deteriorate, they may need a diet with certain supplements to keep them mobile, active and enjoying life for as long as possible.

Fortunately, dietary counseling for pets can help you understand what nutrition your pet will need at every stage of her life. It can also facilitate dietary changes that can prevent many common diseases. We now offer comprehensive dietary counseling for pets at our animal hospital in Carmel, IN.

What does dietary counseling for pets involve?

Our dietary counseling service for pets involves a number of different elements, including the following:

  • A calculation of your pet’s dietary requirements based on her age, health and any other pertinent individual circumstances.
  • Analysis of your pet’s current food. This isn’t to criticize and only so that we can determine if her diet would benefit from some nutritional changes.
  • Recommendation of any supplements that may be beneficial for her health.
  • Weight analysis and recommendation depending on whether your pet needs to gain, lose or maintain her current weight. This is crucial as weight gain or remaining obese can put your pet at significant risk of a range of health problems.
  • Advice and support on how to switch your pet to a new food.
  • Information on optimal feeding times and portion sizes.
  • Strategies for feeding multiple pets with different dietary needs.

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of nutrition in your pet’s health and wellbeing. Make sure you get it right by contacting our team and scheduling an appointment with our dietary counseling team today.


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