Pet Grooming in Carmel, IN

Protect Your Pet’s Comfort

At Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital, we know you treat your pet like family. But sometimes, necessary grooming and maintenance can be a little tricky. Dogs and cats have many specialized needs that a veterinary professional might recognize before you do. That’s why we recommend bringing your animals in for professional pet grooming services at our Carmel, IN vet clinic. 

Explore our range of cat and dog grooming services by reading our guide below.

The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

A dog sticks its tongue out during pet grooming.

Frequent cat and dog grooming services help your pets live healthier, more comfortable lives. Our grooming services allow a veterinary professional to perform a comprehensive examination of your animal friend’s skin, nails, coat, and teeth. This helps us discover, diagnose, and treat any underlying health issues as necessary. 

Our Carmel, IN groomer and veterinarians love to treat your best furry friends. A part of that process means ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and patients. Therefore, we require that your pet be up-to-date on its vaccinations on the date of your appointment.

Your Routine Pet Grooming Appointment

Eye Health Checkup

Your pet’s regular treatment begins with a complimentary eye exam. Since animals can’t tell us their symptoms when their eyesight begins to change, we do this test so you stay informed. Keeping a close watch on their eye health helps us treat and prevent any underlying issues—even ones you may not have noticed. 

We’ll also clip any hairs that are getting in the way of your pet’s eyesight at this time. Your pet is at its happiest when it has a clear field of vision, so don’t delay your furry friend’s eyesight checkups! 

Bathing Your Pet

We know from experience how hectic bathtime can be for some animals. That’s why our experienced grooming expert does everything possible to soothe and pamper your pet during this process. Our groomer uses a gentle soap that cleans their skin to rid them of dirt, dry skin, and excess oil. This process leaves their coat and skin soft and moisturized!

We can also provide a shave or shedding treatment when necessary. Upon request, we can eliminate mats in their fur or reduce any undercoat that otherwise would take months to shed. Just ask your grooming specialist when you schedule your appointment.

Ear Care

An essential part of dog grooming is cleaning their ears. We’ll make sure any dirt, oil, and debris are cleared from their ear canals. Our groomer will also pluck any excess hairs that could be tickling or bothering the insides of your pet’s ears. 

Anal Gland Expression

Cats and dogs have two glands near their anus called anal glands or sacs. These glands secrete an oil that marks where your pet has been. However, when the oil thickens, it can clog the gland. A clogged anal gland can lead to infections and severe discomfort for your pet. 

In these cases, our dog groomer can express the glands to relieve inflammation and pain. This process involves using gentle pressure to release the clogged oil. The release will immediately alleviate any discomfort or pain your pet may be feeling.

Add-on Pet Grooming Treatments

Nail Filing

As dogs’ nails grow, they begin to curve down toward the floor. As a result, unattended-to-nails can make it difficult for your dog to enjoy its favorite activities. Thankfully, our groomers offer filing services that include a painless pedicure for your dog. Nail filing is the most reliable way to give your dog shorter nails without cutting too close to the paw and skin. 

A yorkie with its tongue out during pet grooming.

Express Pet Grooming

While our groomer does everything she can to make the vet a positive experience, some animals still have negative reactions to being in an unfamiliar environment. We offer express grooming for pets who have anxiety about the vet to help alleviate their fears. Express grooming is designed to get your beloved pet back into your arms fast, mitigating the physical effects of anxiety. 

Nail Painting

Make your dog the talk of the park — ask about nail painting services at your next appointment! We’ll provide your pet with the glitz and the glam you love using safe, high-quality polish. Our expert groomer loves when she can bring her creative flair to your pet’s look. Indulge in this adorable dog grooming service at your next Carmel, IN veterinary appointment.

Treat Your Pet Today

Your pet deserves a spa day — pamper them with the best pet grooming care in Carmel, IN. Our groomer is experienced at helping pets feel calm and comfortable during their appointments. Dr. Nix and our whole veterinary team work hard to make sure your pet is treated with respect and kindness at every moment.

Learn why our Carmel community trusts us with all of their pets’ needs by scheduling your grooming appointment. Contact us today at (317) 428-2530 to plan your visit.


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