When Your Dog Suffers, it Affects the Whole Family

A small tan dog getting groomed and fluffy

We all know just how frustrating it is to have an itch that you just can’t scratch. Well, imagine living with that feeling 24/7. That is what it can feel like for dogs who suffer from an itchy-inducing condition. You may think that itching and scratching is fairly normal for dogs, and it is – to a certain extent. Unfortunately, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of canines being brought into our veterinary offices because they have a persistent itch that is driving them and their family mad. The good news is that we have solutions that can help and alleviate your pet’s itchiness once and for all.

The consequences of itching for your dog

When your dog suffers from an itch-based condition, particularly one caused by an allergy, life will get unpleasant for them pretty quickly. In addition to becoming anxious, frustrated and even angered by the constant need to scratch, they may also experience a range of other consequences, including:

  • Inability to sleep due to the itch, and this can affect their energy levels throughout the day.
  • Sore, broken skin that is painful and at risk of becoming infected.
  • Generally tense and unhappy behavior as a result of their itchiness. Sometimes this can even progressive to a snappy and even aggressive demeanor owing to the frustration they are experiencing.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Hair loss.

The consequences of an itchy dog for your family

Many people may not realize it at the time, but when their dog suffers from a chronic itch, it can also affect the family as a whole. Their low mood and irritability can make it difficult to spend time with them as your canine companion may wish to be left alone. As a result, activities that you would usually enjoy with them as a family – such as games and walks, may no longer be fun, or even possible at all.

When your pet is suffering and you are a caring and responsible owner, you will want to do everything that you can to help them. This often means that owners make sacrifices of their own in order to care for their pets – such as skipping the gym, avoiding having friends or family over to the house or even working from home so that their furbaby isn’t left alone during the day. You may even find that your usual sleep patterns are disrupted because you can hear your dog scratching, chewing and licking at their coat whilst you try to rest.

Treating the itch with Cytopoint

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at the Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital, we are pleased to be able to offer support for those dogs suffering from an allergy-based itch. Even better, we can offer many same-day appointments meaning that your pet and your family don’t have to live with the frustration of persevering itchiness for a moment longer. Your first exam is also free, helping you to keep both the cost and the itch under control!

Cytopoint is an injectable treatment that starts working in less than 24 hours and will provide relief from the itch for between 4 and 8 weeks depending on your pet, enabling them and your family to get back to enjoying life together again. Cytopoint is safe, effective and the best way to ensure your pet’s quality of life. Coupons for Cytopoint treatment can also be found at www.coupons4indy.com.

If your dog’s scratching is disrupting life for your whole family, don’t delay in seeking out Cytopoint treatment. Call our animal hospital today to see if we can get your canine pal in for a same-day appointment.