Top Benefits of Grooming Your Pets

An orange cat laying on the leaves while a dog kisses its head

Just as you take a bath, brush your hair, and trim your nails, your animal companions need the same attention and care. It’s not just a matter of keeping them looking adorable. Instead, grooming is essential to your pet’s overall health and well-being. Here are the top benefits of grooming your pets.

  1. Socialization
    Regular pet grooming helps your cat or dog get used to being touched and handled. Brushing your pet’s hair every night will help you and your furbaby bond and relax. Also, your pet will learn to lie down quietly and calmly as you detangle their hair, get rid of debris from their coat, and lavish them with attention. Making it a positive experience can make grooming easier for you, your pet, and the groomer.
  2. It Controls Shedding
    Cats and dogs lose old and damaged hair by shedding. It’s a normal process, and the amount of hair and how often your pet sheds generally depend on their breed and health. You can’t stop a healthy pet from shedding. But you can reduce the need to vacuum your carpet by brushing your pet’s coat regularly and bathing them every week or so. Brushing stimulates oil-producing glands in your pet’s skin. This keeps pets’ skin healthy and hanging onto their hair.
  3. It Prevents Double-Coating and Matting
    Long hair is one of the major culprits that cause discomfort and various skin problems in your pet. Uncut hair that hangs over your pet’s eyes can restrict their vision, which can affect their behavior. If you forget to brush and wash their long hair regularly, your pet can suffer from matting. This can weigh them down with unnecessary, extra weight. Besides, knots and mats can pull on your pet’s skin and coat. It’s not only painful but also usually leads to sores. Irregular brushing can also result in a double coating, which can put your pet at risk of heat stress.
  4. It Protects Against Fleas, Ticks, and Mites
    Another benefit of grooming your pet is to protect them from fleas, ticks, and mites. These are some of the most common parasites that can be fatal to your four-legged friend. They thrive well on dirty, untreated bodies. Bathing alone may sometimes not be enough to get rid of these nasty critters altogether. But it will help you spot them. Once you see these tiny pests, you can safely remove them and take further action to prevent infestation.
  5. It Safeguards Their Paws
    Trimming your pet’s nails is often one of the commonly neglected parts of general pet care. Long nails are not only an eyesore. They are uncomfortable for your cat or dog, as well. Overgrown nails can be extremely painful for your pet as they can grow into their paw pads and cause infection. Besides, you would never want your beloved animal companion’s toes to bend and create a walking disfigurement.
  6. It Prevents Dental Diseases
    Like you, pets also need regular teeth cleaning. In between your annual trips to the vet, see to it that you brush your cat or dog’s teeth every day at home. If you neglect their oral health, tartar can build up and cause dental problems. These include gingivitis and severe gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. The infection can also potentially damage the other organs in their body.

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