Stop the Itch With Cytopoint!

A German Shepard resting its head on a fence post with its tongue out

Itching and scratching is pretty standard behavior for most dogs. However, when your canine seems to be suffering from an irrepressible compulsion to scratch, he could potentially put his health and wellbeing at risk. This is because persistently itching, licking, chewing and biting his coat can lead to open wounds, infections, and other problems. Identifying the cause of the constant need to scratch and getting the appropriate treatment is essential if you are to help your furbaby remain as healthy and happy as possible.

What is causing my pet to itch?

There can be many different reasons why an animal might itch, but one of the most common is allergic dermatitis. In fact, as many as 10% of dogs worldwide are estimated to suffer from allergic dermatitis at some point during their lifetime, and skin allergies are one of the leading reasons for owners to take their canine companions to visit their vet.

Just like us, our pets can suffer from allergies too. Allergies occur when your pet’s immune system overreacts to a harmless substance, causing it to attack itself. The cause of the hypersensitivity is not always known, but allergies tend to fall into one of several categories. These include:

Food allergies. Despite people thinking that dogs will eat virtually anything, it doesn’t mean that they should. Our pets can be hypersensitive to certain food items too with wheat, soy, corn and dairy being amongst the biggest triggers.

Environmental allergies. These are allergies that occur when our pets are hypersensitive to something in their environment, such as pollen, tobacco smoke, dust or pollen.

Contact allergies. If your pet makes contact with something that he is hypersensitive to, it could cause him to experience an allergic reaction. This could be certain plants or trees, chemicals or cleaning products such as shampoos or fabric softeners.

Unfortunately, all of the allergies above can cause many symptoms. One of the most common across all of them is excessive, persistent scratching.

Living with a chronic itch

As you might expect, living with a chronic itch can make life very unpleasant for your pet. The more he scratches, the more irritated his skin will become. It can become red, inflamed, scaly and sore. There is also a risk of infection if the skin splits and bacteria have the opportunity to enter.

You may find that his behavior also changes. Whereas he might have been happy to play and enjoy time snuggled on the sofa together, he might now be consumed by the desire to scratch. This could cause him to become frustrated and even aggressive. The dog that you once knew may seem very different when suffering from persistent irritation. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help, with one of the most effective being Cytopoint®.

What is Cytopoint®?

Cytopoint® is a safe, effective injectable treatment that can start to control your dog’s itching within just one day and provides relief that lasts for between four and eight weeks. It is designed to target and neutralize one of the main proteins in his body. This protein sends signals to your dog’s brain to tell him he is itchy. By blocking the signal, your canine pal will no longer feel itchy and will be able to control his scratching. As the skin is no longer being attacked, it has the opportunity to heal and repair itself.

Some of the benefits of Cytopoint® treatment include:

  • Relief from physical discomfort for your dog
  • No more frustration for your furbaby
  • Better quality of sleep for your dog since he won’t need to constantly scratch
  • Healthier skin
  • Improved quality of sleep for you and your family if you have previously been kept awake by your pet
  • It is safe to be used with a wide variety of other therapies
  • Cytopoint® can be administered to dogs of all ages
  • Cytopoint® injections are carried out by your vet so that you can be certain that your pet receives the full dose
  •  Cytopoint® can be given when your pet needs it most – those animals with environmental allergies may only need it during certain times of the year
  • A happier, healthier pet who is able to enjoy a better quality of life

Research has shown that 87% of owners believe that their dog’s quality of life has improved since using Cytopoint®, and as a result, their own quality of life has enhanced too.

If your dog has a persistent itch that is having a negative effect on his life and your own, Cytopoint® injections could be the answer. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment to see if Cytopoint® is the best solution to stop your pet’s itch.

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