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A man running with this dog on its leash outside

Fun Summer Things to Do with Your Pets

Summer’s nearly here and you will no doubt be excited about all of the great activities that the longer days and warmer weather promises. Fortunately, summer is just as great for our pets and there are lots of opportunities to create fun with our furbabies. Need some suggestions? Here are…
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Two dogs laying on the top step on a front porch

Take the Bite Out of Mosquitoes and Heartworms

Summer is almost upon us. As most people look forward to this time, the same cannot be said for pets. Why? During warm periods following rain, that is the time mosquitoes thrive. Do you know when mosquitoes thrive, so does heartworm disease? While mosquito bites are bad for people, they…
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A German Shepard and bengal kitty resting inside next to each other

Top Poison Items for Pets: Prevention Awareness Month

The 58th anniversary of pet poison prevention month is in March 2020, marking almost six decades of safer pet lives and safer homes. It is a great time to learn about the top poison items for different kinds of pets, as well as ways to keep them safe. While poison…
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A longed haired dachshund holding a toothbrush in its mouth

Do’s and Don’ts of At-Home Dental Care for Four Pets

Oral health isn’t just important for the human members of your family. Dogs and cats also reap huge benefits from owners spending a little time and effort on looking after their pet’s teeth, which they rely on not just for eating, but also for helping them to pick up and…
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A small tan dog getting groomed and fluffy

When Your Dog Suffers, it Affects the Whole Family

We all know just how frustrating it is to have an itch that you just can’t scratch. Well, imagine living with that feeling 24/7. That is what it can feel like for dogs who suffer from an itchy-inducing condition. You may think that itching and scratching is fairly normal for…
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A cat sleeping soundly in its owners lap on a blanket

Top Ways to Treat your Cat on National Cat Month

They may be fiercely independent and sometimes very aloof, but feline friends remain some of our favorite pets. Did you know that December is National Cat Lover’s Month? We are pretty sure that, like us, you like to spoil your furbaby all year round, but if you need some more…
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A small, fluffy, happy dog standing on a white padded bench with a fireplace and two Christmas trees in the background

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and no doubt you will have plenty of preparations to make. However, something that you absolutely need to prioritize is making a plan for how to safely enjoy the holiday period with your pet. This is because the festivities also flag up a number…
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A happy dog laying on a pile of red, orange, and yellow fall leaves

Doggy Dermatitis | Effects and Treatment

Dermatitis is a very common human skin disorder. However, it is equally as likely to affect our canine companions. Canine dermatitis can be experienced by dogs of all breeds and ages, and whilst some animals will only experience an isolated episode, others will suffer from chronic dermatitis for the duration…
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A German Shepard resting its head on a fence post with its tongue out

Stop the Itch With Cytopoint!

Itching and scratching is pretty standard behavior for most dogs. However, when your canine seems to be suffering from an irrepressible compulsion to scratch, he could potentially put his health and wellbeing at risk. This is because persistently itching, licking, chewing and biting his coat can lead to open wounds,…
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A little dog getting a checkup from a veterinarian

Why You Should Choose ProHeart 12 Heartworm Protection

When you choose to bring a dog into your home, you do so in anticipation of him having a long, healthy and happy life with you. However, for this to be possible, you have to be responsible for all aspects of his care. There are lots of different things that…
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