Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

A veterinarian holding a kitten and a puppy, providing pet services

Vaccinations protect your pet from highly contagious diseases that not only pose a risk to other pets but also to human beings. In fact, vaccinating your pet is one of the best ways to keep it healthy for a long time. Vaccines work by giving the immune system of your pet a chance to fight off harmful bacteria and thus creating antibodies that fight off the same bacteria in the future if your pet contracts the same illness. Before vaccinating your pet, your vet will ask you about the pet’s age, lifestyle, and exposure. This makes it easier for your vet to know what vaccinations to give your pet. For example, if you have an adult cat that lives outdoors most of the time, it has a high risk of contracting feline leukemia. Here are some reasons why you should vaccinate your pets:

The Law

Simply put, the law requires you to vaccinate your pets. In fact, if animal control picks up your pet and you fail to prove that you vaccinated it, you risk being fined. If it ends up biting someone, animal control will quarantine it for 10 days if you are lucky or they may end up killing it. Therefore, do not put yourself in this vulnerable position and take your pet to your vet for vaccination.

Saves the Life of Your Pet

Just like human beings, your pet is vulnerable to diseases as it grows up. However, if it ends up contracting one of the diseases it was not vaccinated for, there is a high likelihood that you will lose your pet. Therefore, failure to vaccinate your pet is putting its life at risk. In most cases, it may also cause your pet to pass any of these diseases to other animals.

Saves You Money

It is less expensive to vaccinate your pet than take it for treatment once it is ill and besides, you may be torturing your pet and you could have prevented the whole scenario through vaccination. Vaccines are very effective, and they will do a good job in preventing your pet from contracting these diseases.

Minimize the Transmission

Some diseases contracted by our pets are zoonotic. This means that they can be transmitted from pets to human beings, and this is why you may need to consider vaccinations. Diseases like rabies can greatly affect you and your family if, for example, your rabies-infected dog bites one of the members of the family. Besides, it will cost you more because at that point you will be taking both your family member and pet for treatment.

Vaccines Are Safe

A major reason why you may not have vaccinated your pet is the concerns you may have about vaccines. However, these vaccines are very safe and thus, there is a minimal risk that your pet will suffer an allergic reaction to the vaccines. Besides, your vet will remain with you for a while after the vaccination so that they can monitor the reaction of the pet to the vaccine.

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