Guilt and Stress-Free Pet Boarding

Much as you might want to, it isn’t always possible to bring animals along on vacation. And you may not be comfortable asking friends or family to shoulder the responsibility of caring for your pets while you’re away.

With summer here and demand for pet accommodations rising along with temperatures, you’ll want to know what’s available in your area. There are many viable options for pet boarding that run the gamut from boarding kennels to pet spas. Boarding with a vet can also be a great option.

No matter what you choose, experts from the American Kennel Club to the Humane Society of the United States agree that you should personally visit any boarding facility you’re not familiar with to be certain that your pet will be staying in a safe and secure environment.

If you’re a client of Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital, boarding here offers some additional advantages to consider:

  • A familiar environment where your pet will get lots of attention from people they know and whom you trust will ease the stress of separation for all involved
  • Knowledge of your pet’s health history to prevent or address any potential health issues—especially if your pet has a significant health challenge such as diabetes or epilepsy
  • The convenience of being able to schedule non-emergency surgery or other procedures such as dental cleanings or grooming services while your pet is here

Of course even if you’re not a Sherlock Bones client, your pet is always welcome here (assuming we’re not booked solid).

How do we make sure the boarding experience is good for everyone?

With a bit of planning, boarding doesn’t have to be traumatic for pets or pet parents. To help get you started on a happy and relaxing stay for your pet, we’ve put together this checklist:

  • Book as early as possible. This is especially important if you have a larger dog as these reservations fill up quickly.
  • Shot records. Bring these if you’re not a client. Take this opportunity to schedule any outdated vaccinations.
  • Dietary needs/restrictions/allergies. If your pet is on a special diet, bring an adequate supply of that food. If you’re not a client, let us know about all allergies your pet has.
  • Behavior issues. Let us know if your pet has a fear of loud sounds such as thunder or firecrackers so we can discuss ways to help them stay calm. Be sure your animal is well socialized to be around other animals and people. Animals who are known to be overly aggressive may not be good candidates for boarding.
  • List of medications. If your pet requires daily medication, please bring dosage instructions and enough medicine to last until you return. And it’s always best to bring medications in the original prescription bottle.
  • Favorite toy. If your pet has a toy they love to play or sleep with, be sure to pack it.
  • Extra time for drop off. Allowing several minutes extra to review any special instructions regarding food or medication will give you peace of mind that your pet’s needs are known and will be catered to well.
  • Emergency phone number. Be sure to leave a number or an email address where you can be reached in the event of an emergency. If you are traveling to a destination where cell coverage or internet access will be unreliable or unavailable, be sure to leave the number of a friend or family member we can contact if necessary.
  • Avoid long goodbyes. When it’s time to depart, make it quick. If you prolong the farewell process, your pet will sense your discomfort and may become upset. Take comfort in the assurance that your pet will be well cared for and look forward to a happy reunion.

What about exotic or unique animals?

Generally speaking, we welcome exotic or unique animals such as birds, larger reptiles such as bearded dragons, and smaller animals such rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs.

For these animal guests, you’ll want to consider all applicable items from the general tips list above as well as:

  • Smaller mammals: Bring cage, bedding and food.
  • Larger reptiles: Bring cage and special food required.

Anything else to keep in mind?

Additional benefits of boarding with Sherlock Bones include:

  • Convenient location in Carmel, IN
  • Can usually accommodate “pet pals” who are used to being together
  • Clean, bright loving environment staffed by trained veterinary professionals
  • Upon request, will send photos of pets during their stay
  • Provide Royal Canin gastrointestinal low fat food twice a day
  • Supply blankets and towels, fresh water every day, and three walks per day
  • Will provide two extra walks per day for an additional fee

To schedule boarding call 317-428-2530 as far in advance as possible, especially during the summer or holidays when demand is highest. We look forward to helping you enjoy your vacation, and making sure your pet is lovingly cared for.