Fun Summer Things to Do with Your Pets

A man running with this dog on its leash outside

Summer’s nearly here and you will no doubt be excited about all of the great activities that the longer days and warmer weather promises. Fortunately, summer is just as great for our pets and there are lots of opportunities to create fun with our furbabies. Need some suggestions?

Here are some of our top ideas for fun summer things to do with your pets.

Enjoy a picnic!

One of the best things about having a picnic is that you can have one virtually anywhere at any time. Whether you choose to sit in your own backyard, pop to a local park, or cruise to the beach, sitting in the sunshine and enjoy all of your favorite foods is great fun for all the family – your pets included! Be sure to pack something for them to eat and a collapsible water bowl and water to keep them sated and hydrated too!

Summer means swimming

Not every dog enjoys swimming, but there are plenty that does. It’s also a great way to introduce a different form of exercise to your canine pal and is particularly beneficial for older pets since it is so gentle on their joints. If you haven’t already, this summer is the perfect time to teach your pup to swim. Just remember to never leave them unattended in the pool, even if they are usually a strong swimmer. You can even consider buying a special canine life vest to help keep them safe.

Create some cooling treats

When the mercury rises the heat can quickly make life a little uncomfortable for your pet. Making your own homemade frozen treats is a great way to help them cool down and provides a tasty and healthy option for them when you want to slip them something in addition to their usual meals. Dogs love peanut butter, so freezing some into ‘popsicles’ is sure to go down a storm. Frozen banana slices are another popular choice. Look online to find a heap of different possibilities!

Invite your buddies for a BBQ

Little else beats a BBQ during summer, but your dog doesn’t have to be excluded from the fun. If you have friends with pups of their own, invite them round for a puppy party where you and your furbabies can play games, eat together and make some fantastic memories of the summer season.

Take pictures!

Speaking of memories, photos from your summer adventures are a great thing to look back on in the future. And, thanks to smartphones, it is easier than ever to capture every special moment that we spend with our furry companions. At the end of the summer, you could create a photo montage of your time together, or even print your favorite pictures onto a cushion or plush!

Happy hiking

Hiking is a great way to spend a little quality time with your pet, enjoying the fresh air, and getting some exercise together. Nearly all dogs make great hiking companions too. Just be sure to plan your route in advance so that you aren’t going too far in high heats, and that you take sufficient supplies for both of you for the duration of the trek. This includes food, water, a water bowl for your furry friend, and sunblock!

Life’s a beach

Beach days are what summer is all about and most dogs love nothing more than frolicking on the sand and running in and out of the surf. Pack up a picnic, take some toys (frisbees are great!), and plenty of fresh water. Keep an eye on your dog if they like to go in the sea, particularly if the surf is strong, and be sure to apply sunblock to them and offer freshwater regularly to stop them from becoming dehydrated.

Camp out

If you love camping out, be sure to take your pet with you this summer. Dogs enjoy sleeping under canvas or the stars just as much as humans do. Whether you stay in your backyard under blankets or you head out to a proper site, camping is a great bonding opportunity for you and your pet and promises lots of fun.

For more fun summer things to do with your pets, or for any advice on summer safety for your furbaby, please speak to our veterinary team.