8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Dog in the Summer

A dog drinking water our of a person's cupped hands

During the summer, most people enjoy life outdoors having fun. For people with pets, summer is a great opportunity to play and bond with them. However, it is important to take care of your pet so that the summer heat does not injure them. Here are some tips to help you keep your dog safe during the summer.

Keep Your Dog Cool

Dogs are just like people. When it’s hot, they also enjoy cooling off to avoid overheating. Make sure that you circulate cool air whenever possible. Turn on the AC when taking a ride with your dog. Keep the house and kennels cool as well. Avoid leaving your dog in hot places while you go to cool off yourself.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Keep a bowl of cool water for your dog to sip throughout the day. If you have to take him for a ride or for exercise, take a doggy water bottle with you. This helps him to cool off and avoid dehydration.

Avoid Hot and Long Walks

Make sure that your dog does not play too hard in the hot sun. Go for walks early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is not too hot. Make sure that your dog takes breaks between playtimes to feed, hydrate, and cool off.

Keep Your Dog Out of Hot Spaces

Avoid leaving your dog in closed spaces without cool air circulation. If you have conservatories or greenhouses, keep the dog out. Have the AC on in kennels, the house, and in the car as well. Hot surfaces can burn the dog’s paws and cause nasty wounds. While going on walks, and playing at home, keep your dog off hot surfaces, such as asphalt and cement. Avoid carrying them on the back of a truck since it can heat up quickly.

Give Your Dog Cool Snacks

Avoid giving the dog heavy meals during summer. This makes them sleep a lot and they may end up adding weight. Give them cool snacks throughout the day so that they are active and happy. You can freeze their favorite toy or put ice cubes in their water bowl.

Watch Out for Bugs and Crawlers

Summer is conducive for crawlers and critters. Watch out for ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and many other poisonous bugs. Your dog is exposed to tapeworm, Lyme disease, heartworms, and all kinds of infections that come from bugs. Inspect your dog regularly to check if he was in contact with parasites.

Teach Your Dog How to Swim

Most people assume that dogs can just jump in the water and swim. Some dogs are poor swimmers and they need lessons to stay afloat. If your dog is a poor swimmer, invest in a good quality life-support jacket for him.

Keep an Eye Out for Your Dog

Always watch your dog for signs of discomfort from overheating. Some of the signs include heavy panting, vomiting, wobbly legs, diarrhea, bright red gums, thick drool, and irregular behavior. Consult with your vet to advise you on first aid procedures to give in case your dog shows signs of overheating.

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